The difference between Android and iOS

Operating systems

The operating system is the basic set of programs that manage different computers.

The operating system deals with different input and output devices. Operating systems use device drivers written by device builders to communicate with their devices. Operating systems also include a lot of programs such as common system services, libraries and application programming interfaces that developers can use in programs running on the operating system, and this article will discuss the difference between Android and iOS.

Operating system functions

The operating system handles the multitasking the user performs, as the operating system controls the processes that are run, and divides them between the CPUs that the user has in his computer, which contains processors that may differ in their types from one computer to another, allowing the operator to run Multiple systems are connected continuously, as operating systems control the internal memory of the system, as they divide them between running applications, so the operating system is the only large program that performs all phone or computer tasks, for example, the operating system controls the files that disrupted programs can Of access to it, and entrusted with the tasks of dealing with most applications systems drivers, allowing the operating system to do a lot of heavy loads.

Types of operating systems

Most computers with a single function, as in microwave ovens, do not require an operating system, while all personal and laptop computers and different servers require an operating system in them, and there are four basic types of operating systems that use depends on the type of computer and the type of applications that will be run and can Clarify these basic types as follows:

RTOS: It is used to control instruments, scientific instruments, and industrial systems. Single-user and single-task operating systems: These allow the user to do one task at a time, and examples of this type are: The operating system used by PDAs. Single-user and multi-tasking operating systems: These allow the user to run multiple applications simultaneously on computers, and this is the type of operating system found on most personal and office computers, such as Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, and Linux. Multi-user operating systems: These allow multiple users to perform many tasks on one computer at a time.

Efficient operating systems against penetration

Before clarifying the difference between Android and iOS, it is worth noting that there are several operating systems that emphasize the priority security that most users desperately desire, and each of those systems follows a different approach because each of them addresses a different problem because security here is not magic dust, but a process You begin to understand the threats that you consider a task that needs treatment in order to mitigate those threats, while retaining the ability to do the work at the same time, for example, the operating system, KeePass, uses an approach called security through partitioning, which allows the user to divide the different parts of his tasks Digital to compartments insulated form Safe, and this method allows keeping the various things that the user does on his computer so that they are securely separated from each other to perform their work separately so that any breach does not affect them over the Internet.

The difference between Android and iOS

Android and iOS operating systems are operating systems that are mainly used in mobile technology such as smartphones, as well as tablets. The user must choose smart mobile operating systems and tablets carefully, to suit the purposes they want from behind the purchase, and what The following will explain the difference between Android and iOS:

Ios operating system

The iOS operating system is an operating system from Apple, which benefits iPhone, iPad and iPod devices, and the iOS operating system deals with the orders of software applications in these devices and gives these applications various advantages, such as multi-touch screen or storage, and the features of the iOS operating system can be explained as follows: Fast and simple to use. Fingerprint lock gives strong security. waterproof. Excellent camera quality, even if the megapixels are lower, which is one of the most important factors that make the difference between Android and iOS. It produces less heat compared to the Android system. What makes the difference between Android and ios is that the ios operating system puts each application in its own protective layer, which does not allow other applications to address it, and this makes it impossible for the virus to infect applications on the ios operating system, which gives preference to some users when browsing The difference between Android and ios, though this type of operating system has a number of flaws that can be explained as follows: it is inflexible and only supports ios devices. Not an open-source. The applications are very big when compared to other mobile platforms. Supports only one chip. The cost of repair is high. The devices are very expensive, and this for users is one of the most important things that fall under the difference between Android and iOS.

Android operating system

The Android operating system was developed by Google in 2007, and since Google has developed Android, it provides a lot of Google application services installed on those devices of course, which supports the needs of many users, and the features of the Android operating system can be explained as follows: It has an interface Improved with a set of icons on the menu.It supports multitasking, that is, it allows multiple applications to run simultaneously. Supports many languages, including


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