How do you choose sunglasses for greater protection?

Wearing sunglasses, other than fashion and style, is a healthy necessity that should not be overlooked. Protecting the eye and the surrounding skin from thin skin prevents many diseases, especially those who are exposed to it constantly. The eye is exposed to a quantity of sunlight that varies with its damage until it reaches To advanced stages of retinal problems and vision, as the sun’s rays also affect the skin’s delicate eyelids, and its exposure to wrinkles and sometimes to more serious diseases that may reach skin cancers, so each of us must choose his sunglasses so that he observes health criteria in choosing to make them more From an accessory for elegance, here are some notes and text Task regulations:

– No, to buy eyeglasses from street vendors, or unlicensed places to sell them, no matter how tempting and encouraging the price may be, it does not mean obtaining the required protection from sunglasses.

Not only to buy precious glasses because they are distinctive brands and brands, or even inlaid with gold and jewelry, the precious price does not necessarily mean healthy and good glasses.

Regardless of the type or brand, we must obtain sunglasses with lenses that have written specifications, through which the validity of the lenses can be judged in order to protect the eyes.

The percentage of protection from UV rays should be from 99% -100% (UV), and there are two types of radiation filters that must be available in this ratio, which are UVA and UVB.

When buying glasses, we must make sure that the lenses are large, as well as frames in order to protect the eye contour, not just the eye.

Selection of eyeglasses according to the mode of use, for example: –

Blue lenses: suitable for seeing distant objects, and are also suitable for snowy weather and sunshine during them.

 Gray color: It is suitable for driving as the visibility and control of near and far traffic is well.

Polarized lenses: They reduce glare, and are used for driving, especially at night. Important note not to wear sunglasses that are less dangerous than wearing bad sunglasses and lenses that do not meet the specifications. Wearing this bad type of lens increases the expansion of the pupil underneath, which passes a greater amount of harmful rays to the retina, and causes a large number of problems in the lens and Retina.


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