Internet speed measurement methods


The Internet is like a connection between a group of hundreds of thousands of different computer networks, and many companies have huge servers to facilitate the connection of the Internet to cover vast areas so that individuals benefit from the multiple purposes offered by that global network, and the Internet provides many services such as the communication of individuals through sites Facebook, Google, Twitter, Instagram, etc., and many national governments also have an Internet connection through central computers and main servers that provide flexible connectivity through cables and optical fiber lines, and this article will explain how to measure the speed of the Internet.

The importance of the Internet

Since the Internet has become popular now being used for many purposes, there are a large number of things that can be done using the Internet, especially in recent years, and the most prominent uses of the Internet can be explained in the following:

Communication: The Internet provides a tremendous amount of communication with people who live far away easily with e-mail, blogs, forums and social media platforms that need an often high-quality internet connection, which makes users want to access ways to measure the speed of the Internet to stay in constant contact without interruption. Research and Education: Since the Internet has entered life, much scientific and literary research has become available with just one click, only the intended topic should be searched and hundreds of useful references will appear. Shopping: everything that can be bought can be found to a large extent somewhere on the Internet, and people use the Internet as an auction to display goods, and with the use of the Internet in financial transactions trading and trade have become a lot easier. Entertainment: Entertainment is one of the most important uses of the Internet, especially now with the expansion of the use of games and others. The Internet is home to some excellent entertainment resources that can be used to entertain wonderfully.

Internet speed

Before explaining ways to measure the speed of the Internet, it should be noted that the speed associated with the quality of Internet communication is one of the most important factors that occupy the mind of many users, and the gigabit network or 1 Gbps or 1000 Mbps is one of the fastest networks currently available to a major consumer base in many countries; therefore, a 1 GB movie will take 8 seconds to download and this is for most users, which is great, and some companies like Google in the United States have this package, and other networks in Europe and the UK offer such speed, and now there are faster speeds like 2 Gigabit and 10 Gigabit, but not widely available, such as 1 Gigabit package, and a number of companies have developed Internet speed technologies to reach: 255 terabytes per second or about 32 terabytes per second through advanced lines of a number of multimedia fibers that researchers at the Eindhoven University of Technology worked In the Netherlands and the University of Florida in the United States.

Ways to measure the speed of the Internet Many users are hesitant about determining the speed of their Internet connection, the Internet service provider may inform them of some numbers, but some users still have some doubts if they get the amount of Internet connection speed that they pay for, and it is not only possible to rely on the download speeds that They appear when downloading files, instead, the user needs to test this more scientifically, as it should first search for the most servers that are near the user that has the highest bandwidth, and then you can try to download from it and see how good the download and download speeds are, Included in this is a correct measurement of the internet speed as accurately as possible, which is why the user needs dedicated tools to measure his internet speed, and the golden tool for measuring internet speed is the application.

This application is one of the simplest ways to measure the speed of the Internet, and free applications are available from the popular application stores, and if the user wants to get the most accurate possible result, it must first be confirmed that the user is not connected to the internet, so it must pause all applications to make sure that The speed test application works accurately, and the speed should be measured more than once at different times during the day, and this application can use up to 20 MB of data for each speed test, which distinguishes it from the rest of the Internet speed measurement methods. It should be noted that the quality of the speed largely depends on the number of people around and who use the data next to the person who wants to determine the speed range, as well as the quality of the signal in the region, and another way of measuring the speed of the Internet can be explained in the following:

The user can open the Google application on his computer and then write the internet speed test at the search location. This will display the “Internet speed test” window at the top of the Google search results, and this method can be used on a computer, phone or tablet. The user then clicks on the RUN SPEED TEST which appears blue in the lower right corner of the Internet Speed ​​Test panel. The internet speed test starts then by measuring the internet connection’s upload speed and download speed. Google measures three aspects of the speed of the Internet, namely: download megabits per second, which is the number of megabytes per second that the connection allows to download, download megabytes per second and the number of megabytes per second that the connection loads, and the travel time, which is the number of milliseconds that the Internet connection needs to respond On a command like a search query or page load, these are generally the simplest ways to measure internet speed.


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