How to minimize the computer screen


A computer is an electronic device that is capable of receiving information in the form of digital data and then processes are based on a program or a series of programs that relate to how to process data in an advanced technical way. Fixed and included in the computer, and are called logical circuits as in the case of microprocessors, or different programs may be presented to the computer, and they are loaded into their storage unit and then started by the administrator or user, and this article will explain how to minimize Ashh computer.

The importance of the computer

There are many uses of computers in various affairs of life, usually, they are used through the use of sensors and a number of other devices that only the computer can understand through the ability of amazing computers to perform complex analyzes quickly, where analysis can be done through the computer In a very fast way that these same analyzes may have required 20 years of human work, computers are used in many scientific applications such as medical imaging, genomics, drug design, and discovery, and the MRI scanner is a great example of In the medical field, it uses magnets to create an image of the body, including the brain, and computers can now be used with MRI scanners more sophisticated, and the computer can classify the tissues that appear in the image in addition to its role in directing neurosurgery and identifying potential problems and measuring Thickening of some tissues or even deciphering difficult mental states.

The explosion of the information age and the digital age has led to the development of computer use in the fields of human education, health, industry and entertainment thanks to advances in technology that greatly develop knowledge. Computer science has even entered Uber and similar companies, which has led to the development of the transportation industry. Computer-based innovations make human life progress wonderfully. To simplify the matter, a world in which the message takes 4 months to reach America from Europe should be envisaged, and at the same time, it is necessary to envision a world that takes the same message at the same time as the heartbeat. Computer science It made it all possible.

computer screen

Computer screens are designed so that the image they appear on is divided into small units called pixels, which are the small points that change brightness in order to control everything on the computer screen, and each pixel contains three different colors: red, green, and blue, which when combined into Different brightness levels that can produce any other color, millions of pixels are arranged together until the images are finally formed, and there are different types of screens, developed over the years from old and large screens that weighed one ton to elegant thin LCD screens, and some use The screens, mirrors, run quickly to support The directing light on the screen, which then produces an image on the screen that is controlled by the movement of mirrors, and there are screens that contain small electrical filters that open and close, and these are just a few examples of the types of screens, and the best screens are the most energy efficient and have a better contrast so that The colors in them look more distinct, they weigh less and can change more quickly.

How to minimize the computer screen

To clarify how to minimize the computer screen, it is worth noting first that many screens are different from each other, whether it is a computer screen, a phone, etc. The screens, regardless of their types, can be illustrated as to how to minimize the computer screen, as follows:

First, you need to find the “Exit Full Screen” button in the screen window to exit full-screen mode, and it can simply be clicked in the upper right corner of the window. Double-clicking on most of the video player windows reduces the screen. Pressing the Esc button minimizes the screen when watching a video or when browsing images minimizes the screen. When you press Windows + M to reduce all open windows, this will reduce the screen size.

How to maintain a computer screen

After clarifying how to minimize the computer screen, it is worth noting that the electronic devices screen, especially the computer screen, should be taken care of to extend its life span. It is possible to explain how to maintain the computer screen in the following:

The computer should be kept in an open area with good air movement during operation. Drinks and any liquids should be kept away from the computer because the fluid short circuits destroy computers a lot. Also, any food should be kept away from the computer or laptop, until the crumbs enter the keyboard and cause the keys to malfunction in the end. Hands should be washed before using those touch screens. The LCD screen should be handled carefully because it is weak. Be sure not to leave anything that might be poured onto the screen. Scratching and pressing the LCD screen should be avoided, and if the LCD screen is broken the screen can easily be replaced by its computer screen manufacturer. When you bring your computer from a cold place to a warmer location, it should not be turned on immediately, as this often affects the screen. The monitor should not be disconnected from the power outlet by pulling the power cord and to preserve the display quality the connectors and external devices should be plugged into their appropriate slots. The user’s computer screen should be cleaned regularly.


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