How to make a puff hairstyle


The girl is always confused about how to style the hair on an occasion, especially if this occasion is related to her wedding, but there is nothing wrong with that, there are many things that must be taken into account before adopting any hairdo, for example, you must choose a hairdo that suits the type The dress so that if the dress is studded with accessories and pearls, the raised hairstyle should be adopted, and if the dress is soft, you should choose the hairdo that deliberately keeps the hair on the shoulders with some simple touches of adornment, but in the event that the hair is short, it is possible to resort to the hairstyle of braids. This article You will get to know how to make a biff hairstyle, and how to make great hairstyles for fine hair.

How to make a puff hairstyle

The fashion of puff hairstyle from ancient times until now sits on the throne of femininity and beauty, and of hairdos that do not go at all, it has been present since the days of the sixties and until the present time, as many brides resort to in their wedding, according to the type of dress to be worn, as for How to make a puff hairstyle, it is very simple and easy, and the following is an explanation of that:

The way to do a puff hairstyle for girls with a small front or full face is by choosing the traditional puff hairstyle, by lifting the entire hair to the top, in addition to making a soft and light puff at the front of the head. In the event that the forehead is slightly wide and the face is skinny, care must be taken that the puff is not high so that the face does not appear too skinny, also it should be noted that the puff hairstyle is suitable for the medium-sized crown; so that the face does not appear to be too large, and it is possible to Attract the flap and then place the crown. This flotation can make a difference from the middle of the head, with hair falling from both sides, or a wide and dense drop of bleaching, this type of plucking is suitable for the owners of the broad front. In the event that the girl does not prefer the crown hairstyle, she must adopt a slightly simple puff, taking care to leave the hair falling on one side, in addition to placing the crystal accessories on both sides. Finally, it is possible to adopt the method of making a puff hairstyle with a curl, so that this hairstyle is one of the most popular hairdos for dyed hair. As for its method, it is by collecting hair like a horse’s tail, after which the plexus is made while keeping the puff raised to add an elegant and attractive touch to the hair.

How to make hairstyles for fine hair

The owners of soft and smooth hair suffer from the difficulty of fixing the hairstyle for a long time; the reason for this is due to the softness of their hair, which definitely causes the hairdo to relax, but the way to make distinctive hairstyles for fine hair are as follows:

Sable Pop Hairstyle: This hairdo is applied by arranging the layers of hair on top of each other. Sharp Pop Hairstyle: This hairdo is most suitable for dyed hair, and it is possible to use the plage technique for dyed hair, this technique gives colored hair a more natural appearance, especially under the sun. Shaggy wavy bob hairstyle: this hairstyle flows to soft and short hair, so long hair can be cut, and then weave styled, and then combed hair the usual way, this haircut will increase hair density and attractiveness.


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