How to make a hair strand

Curl hairstyle

The curl hairstyle is an easy hairstyle, which can be adopted on all occasions so that every occasion has a special type of braids that distinguish the appearance of the female and make it more attractive, there are braids for long hair that give the lady a remarkable feminine appearance when adopted, and there are braids for short hair These braids will give the lady with short hair unrivaled beauty, and it is possible to adopt Indian hair braids that are unparalleled in attractiveness and beauty, as they give hair a vibrant and beautiful appearance, and this article is dedicated to learning about how the hair strand works, and how Attractive braids for short hair.

How to make a hair strand

The way the hair strand works helps many girls get a more attractive and more beautiful look and the curl gives a radiant look to the hair. As for the way the hair strand works, it is as follows:

Braids hairstyles for straight hair

Girls often resort to choosing hairstyles as the single hair increases the attractiveness of the female, more than the raised hair or the tight hair, and the look of the straight hair is more feminine, and it is also possible to add some beautiful braids to the hair, and it is also possible to make more From a braid in straight hair, tightening some while leaving others apart, and this look is somewhat modern and different from the ordinary curl, and it is possible to adopt another method on the French approach, which is taking the first layer of hair and then making the curl from its beginning, then it is raised in the way The usual toc N is different from the rest of the hair.

Braids hairstyles for raised hair

It is possible to obtain a more modern look, it is possible to choose braids with raised hair, whether these braids with a ponytail or a raised cake, and if the desired hairdo is a horse’s tail, three soft braids can be made in it to give the hair more density, and then they are tied In the middle, then the rest of the hair is completed in the form of small braids, and it must be noted that this concealment requires a long period of time, and it is possible to make a single braid and keep it loose on one side of the hair, then the hair is raised from the top.

How to make attractive braids for short hair

Girls with short hair think that they cannot make any braid because of their short hair, but this matter is not without any health at all, so it is necessary to know how the hair braid works for short hair:

Waterfall braids: This hairdo is one of the simplest hairdos for braids that can be made for short hair, and the hair will appear in a crown of braids, all of it is taking extracts from the hair braids, and then a braid is made across the width of the hair, then the rest of the hair is left wavy and loose.

French braids on both sides: The way the French hair braid works for short hair is by dividing the hair into two halves, and then two French braids are made to show the hair brilliantly and longer than it appears.

Crown plexus: This hairstyle will make the girl appear like a queen, especially if the girl is a bride who has short hair, all it is is to make a haircut with a width of hair from back to front, and the hair will become like a crown made of braids. Messy Curl: This braid is considered to be a messy and elegant hairdo at the same time, and it will also make the girl appear with a different look, all that is is to divide the hair into two halves, with a pigtail that is the width of the hair, and the rest of the hair is left from the back. Inverted Curl: This hairstyle will look new and somewhat different, as it will add to the look of the lady a lot of brilliance and vitality, all that is divided is the hair into two parts, and then make an inverted braid from the bottom up, while making sure to wrap the hair from the front with pins.


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