How to choose stylish clothes appropriate for my condition and your age

Care of clothes

The most quality and most fashionable clothes can appear obsolete if one does not take care of them as required, and therefore one must pay attention to the ways in which the clothes are kept in the closet, can they be folded or should they be stuck, and as one of the most important things that Consider the appropriate method of washing, as it is necessary to know the temperature of the water in which the clothes can be washed, and what washing powders can be used.

The decoration

Moving from good to amazing within five minutes is possible, but it needs some accessories and a little focus and coordination, and women who want to appear in the most beautiful way, should not be afraid to use accessories that can completely change the appearance of clothes or It adds some signs of elegance, and can be used as hair accessories, jewelry, and others.

 Monitoring and learning

Many people believe that watching and viewing fashion shows on the Internet is a waste of time, but one can learn by monitoring the coordination of fashion in shows or clothing displayed on websites for marketing, and one does not necessarily have to copy what he sees, and But he could benefit from the ideas applied in coordination, could increase his information about the colors that fit together.

getting ready

In many situations, one has to wear clothes that he does not like or are not convinced of their elegance because that is no longer what he considers appropriate. This helps him to wear the most elegant clothes, even in situations where he is in a hurry.

 Advance planning

One of the traditional methods that work to make the ways to wear clothes more elegant, is the pre-planning of the costume that one wants to wear, whether planning in the night before the workday, or even planning for the entire workweek, or for upcoming events, whether near or far.


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