How do you choose the right handbag

Handbag Choosing the right handbag is important to complete your elegant appearance, while women believe that choosing the color of the bag appropriate to the colors of their clothes is the most important thing, experts interested in women’s fashion and elegance see that choosing the shape of the bag and the style of its design that fits her body comes primarily from Importance.

 How do you choose the right handbag

Below we will review some types of objects and their appropriate bags:

Long and slender bodies

Always pick bags that are wider than their length, and never choose bags with long arms because they will make you appear taller, as you try to get away from bags with sharp angles.

Small bodies (short and thin)

Carrying large bags is not appropriate for your nature, because it will hide the frame of your body, and your appearance will appear as if you are hiding behind it, and it is preferable to keep away from bags with long arms that will make you appear shorter.

Full bodies

Choose large, sharp-edged bags, as they will give your body a balanced, as sharp corners will increase the balance of the body’s curves, but for small bags, it does not suit you at all. If you suffer from an imbalance in the shape of your body, with a difference between the upper half and the lower text, follow the following:

Convenient at the top

Choose bags with long and thin arms, as this removes the bag from the upper part of the body so that it does not give it an extra size.

 Fit to the bottom

Bags with short arms are best suited, in which case the bag will be part of the upper body, giving it an additional volume that creates the required balance.

General advice for choosing handbags

Matching the color of the shoe and handbag is no longer important, so choose your handbag freely away from the color of the shoe.
For colorful clothes, choose bags in one or a few colors, and vice versa. Distinguish between practical bags, and the bags that you wear on formal occasions, and make every fact perform the purpose that you chose for. Take care to choose the small wallets that you place in your purse, as your wallet, to match.


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