Great apps for your smartphone or tablet holder

Smartphones have a noticeable effect in facilitating our lives because having a smartphone in your possession provides you with a wide range of services that should have been transferred to another place in their request or carry with you a large bag of tools to implement them, but through these phones, you will not need more From downloading applications that relate to the nature of your work or lifestyle, you will find after that that life has become easier and faster, and here are two of these applications that support the iPhone: –


You may have to go to some strange places with your car, which once you reach it until circumstances compel you to line up in a remote location or inside the large parking lots, and you may have a problem after that in finding your car, but if you hold a smartphone and you may I uploaded this application to you, you will not be exposed to this problem, as your phone can use (GPS) to locate the car, but before you leave your car you only need to run the application and press the remember button, which makes your phone record, specifically the location of the car, which makes it found with After an easy thing.


It is not normal to carry a meter in your pocket, but you will probably need to know about measuring some of the things around you, and with your smartphone and this application in addition to a bank credit card in your pocket, it will be easy for you to know the measurements around you if you need to. , And do not worry, you will not use a credit card to pay this time, but rather it will be part of the picture that you will take via your phone for the things you want to know about measuring, as this application depends on the size of the card, so you only have to put this card next to the thing you want to measure and adjust The image so that the card appears in the place designated for it on the screen, and then take the photo Rh, which will be your reference later to see measurements of things that appeared in them.


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