The best amazing Fez restaurants .. Get to know them

Fes may be a small city with an upscale history, with amazing architecture and wonderful tourist attractions, with distinctive cuisine with an unbeatable menu of Moroccan cuisine and French and Spanish dishes. If you would like to undertake all the delicious dishes offered by Fes, here are the highest ten local restaurants to start out with .. then get to understand Fes restaurants.

This hotel, located within Palais Faraj Suites & Spa, maybe a hotel in Fez, overlooking the medieval houses surrounding the famous Chora city. it might be the simplest time to travel within the early evening, to enjoy the likelihood of watching the sunset over the town of Fez, while enjoying a delicious dinner among the varied menu dishes, including soup, tagine, couscous, pastilla, with desserts and far more.


This restaurant represents a hidden treasure worth visiting in Fes, it’s characterized by wonderful design and decor with a gorgeous garden, and whether you opt to take a seat inside the amazing front room or outside within the picturesque garden between the sounds of birds and therefore the drinking fountain, you’ll enjoy healthy and delicious food during a relaxed atmosphere.

The dishes during this restaurant vary from traditional Moroccan tagine dishes to Mediterranean salads, both of which are incredibly good, and as a restaurant that’s very fashionable among visitors so make certain to order a table beforehand.

Darori Resto

Darori Resto is one among the simplest local restaurants in Fes, located in an old house within the heart of the town with an indoor garden and a glass ceiling, and maybe what distinguishes this restaurant is that everything here is 100% Moroccan, including the decor, home, food, staff, Cuisine with fresh local produce and tons of Moroccan spices as authentic as possible.


This modern café is ideal for an opportunity from the hustle and bustle of the town, so if you would like an area that seems like you’re visiting reception after an extended day of sightseeing, Café Clock is that the place to travel, to enjoy a varied menu of great food, low prices, and high-end services.

Here you’ll enjoy burgers, chips, salads, delicious fresh juices, amazing desserts and far more, including free Wi-Fi and live bands within the evening to enjoy while sipping a cocktail.

Riad Nightingale .. Fes restaurants

This restaurant is found inside the gorgeous Riad Al Andaleeb, and definitely worth a visit because of its delicious food, with traditional Moroccan décor, including carpets, sofas, dishes, and most significantly, traditional Moroccan dishes, foremost among which is that the chicken tagine, which is served with a variety of fresh spices within an authentic Arabic atmosphere.


Located within the heart of the town, this gorgeous little restaurant truly represents an oasis among the busy streets, including appropriate décor and music, opportunities to enjoy Moroccan tagine and fresh mint tea during a relaxed atmosphere between the various chandeliers hanging from the ceiling and therefore the lounge area with large pillows.

RIAD LOUNA Restaurant

Riad Luna is your typical Moroccan restaurant, where you’ll enjoy a meal cooked by an area Moroccan woman with years of experience. Here they serve delicious authentic Moroccan food from chicken pastel to couscous and tagine, and everything is basically prepared with care.

Between traditional Moroccan furniture and music, the simplest place to enjoy meals is on the terrace, where you’ll enjoy a gorgeous view amid the cool breeze.

Sawafin star in Fes .. Fes restaurants

You can enjoy the splendor of up to date tradition within the elegant Swavin Star Restaurant, which features innovative choices supported by fresh ingredients.

Located in Fez, within the Ziat district, Souafine Star features the Mediterranean and Moroccan options, while restaurant-goers sit on a shady terrace.

While the restaurant is a romantic location for a few restaurant-goers, families with children also are welcome, on top of the restaurant there’s an expansive balcony to take a seat outside.

The restaurant remains open for lunch, dinner, and meals until late in the dark.

Haj Mamo .. Fes restaurants

Since 1941, Haj Mamo has been making and serving the best juices and milkshakes within the walls of Fez. whenever he receives you together with his beautiful smile and proudly displays the photos of the three kings he lived and worked under, within the wall of his store.

For generations, Haj Mamo has been a particular feature of Boutouil Street and is found near the famous Moulay Idriss Mausoleum, where fresh natural desserts from Haj Mamo, fruit juices and milkshakes include flavors like almonds, raisins, bananas, and avocados.

In addition, Haj Mamo offers some traditional Moroccan sweets and pastries to accompany your drink. While you’re expecting your drink, Hajj Mamo usually offers you a sample of other drinks he prepares, or a variety of delicious desserts in Fez like Kaab Ghazal, which may be a cake full of almonds.

If you discover yourself near the shrine of Moulay Idriss subsequent time you visit Fes, stop at Haj Mamou for a few of the simplest desserts in Fez, and a few of the simplest natural juices that this imperial city offers.


L’Ambre Restaurant is found in Riad Fes, a contemporary five-star Moroccan hotel within the Medina. It offers a gourmet experience and fine cuisine from Moroccan cuisine with exquisite designs and fashionable and distinctive decor, knowing that the costs of this hotel are somewhat high.


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