Riyadh .. what to expect in the wonderful Moroccan guest houses

Many tourists assert that staying in Moroccan riad is a wonderful thing, as these traditional multi-story houses in the past were private renovated palaces with many beautiful courtyards and wonderful central gardens, and indeed each provides unique privacy when it comes to dining wonderfully. Architecture, and the discovery of the wonderful local life that makes tourism in Morocco an incomparable tourist destination.

Sports are located all over Morocco, but Riyadh in the old city of Marrakech gives visitors a real opportunity to return to the Middle Ages. Indeed, residence in Riyadh is one of the reasons to travel to Morocco, and because the streets in the old city have been built as part of a historical castle, with narrow stone corridors Not big enough to hold a car, and because most of the streets look identical, it is best for first-time visitors to arrange to meet a Riyadh employee either at the airport (about 10 minutes’ drive from the old city) or a pre-arranged place outside the old city so that he can guide you safely to Riyadh.

the food

A simple breakfast is included within the stay in Riyadh, and it is usually included in the room price in the riad, including pastries, fruits, bread, canned fruits, and mint tea. Dear traveler, you should know that few Riyadh has full-service restaurants. Alternatively, guests are required to inform the staff in the morning if they wish to dine at the hotel that evening, and the chef will purchase the ingredients and prepare the dinner.

Often the most popular meals are meat tagine with spices, meat, vegetables or couscous, which you can eat amid the splendor of Arabic-style architecture.


A common feature found in every riad is a small to the medium-sized plunge pool, usually built on the central patio or on the roof. Some of them are more about beauty than swimming, but they can be a fun place to relax on a hot Moroccan day. Note that most dive pools aren’t heated, so the water is often cold.

Originally, sports were built without traditional baths, but today, Riyadh has private bathrooms that guarantee a feeling of relaxation and relaxation, and many sports also include private spa-focused resorts, where guests can get access to many health treatments.

Room decor

The decor, size, and level of luxury in Riyadh’s guest rooms vary from budget-friendly to luxurious, but there are some common features found in almost all of them. noise from other guests arriving and departing on the patio.

Top-level rooms have semi-private, internal balconies and are quieter, and free Wi-Fi is common, but TVs are not, and floors are typically tiled and Moroccan decoration such as hanging lanterns, rich and colorful textiles, carved wood, and handwoven carpets are commonly used items Private bathrooms generally consist of concrete walls and decorative tile work.

Things to consider:

Arabic and French are the two most common languages ​​in Morocco.

The riad often owns individuals and the service can be very friendly.

The word riad means “garden” in Arabic.


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